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DBZ Voice Actors


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Voices Of Characters

Character Actor Episode(s)
Baba Ellen Kennedy N/A
Bubbles Doug Parker N/A
Bulma Lalaina Lindbjerg
Tiffany Vollmer (Pre-1999 Season)
(1999 Season)
Burter Alec Willows N/A
Captain Ginyu Richard Newman N/A
Chi-Chi Laara Sadiq N/A
Chou-Tsu Cathy Weseluck
Monika Antonelli N/A
(1999 Season)
Dende Paulina Gillis N/A
Dodoria Ward Perry N/A
Dr. Briefs (Bulma's Father) Alvin Sanders N/A
Frieza Pauline Newstone N/A
Gohan Saffron Henderson N/A
Goldo Terry Klassen N/A
Goku Ian Corlett
Peter Kelamis
Sean Schemmel N/A
(Episodes 38-53)
(1999 Season)
Gregory Doug Parker N/A
Guru Lee Tockar N/A
Jeice Scott McNeil N/A
Kami Michael Dobson N/A
King Kai Dave Ward N/A
Korin ? N/A
Krillin Terry Klassen
Sean Schemmel (Pre-1999 Seasons)
(1999 Season)
Kuwi Ian Corlett N/A
Master Roshi Ian Corlett
Peter Kelamis N/A
(1/2 of second season)
Mr. Popo French Tickner N/A
Mrs. Briefs (Bulma's Mother) Jane Perry N/A
Nappa Scott McNeil N/A
Narrator Doc Harris N/A
Nail Sean Schemmel (1999 Season)
Nayle Michael Dobson N/A
Oolong Doug Parker N/A
Ox King Dale Wilson N/A
Piccolo Scott McNeil N/A
Puar Cathy Weseluck
Monica Antonelli N/A
(1999 Season Replacement)
Raditz Jason Gray-Stanford N/A
Rekoome David Kaye N/A Character Actor Episode(s)
Tienshinhan Matt Smith N/A
Vegeta Brian Drummond N/A
Yajirobi Brian Drummond N/A
Yamm-Cha Ted Cole N/A
Zarbon Paul Dobson N/A
? Don Brown "Nappa... the Invincible?"
? Ian Corlett "A Black Day for Planet Earth"
? Saffron Henderson "Princess Snake's Hospitality"
? Tom Kenny "Gohan Makes a Friend"
? Terry Klassen "Trouble on Arlia"
"Home for Infinite Losers"
? Scott McNeil "Goku's Unusual Journey"
"Big Trouble for Bulma"
"Scramble for the Dragon"
? Doug Parker "Big Trouble for Bulma"
"Scramble for the Dragon"
Additional Voices: Andrea Libman
Kathy Morse
Teryl Rothery
Alvin Sanders
Matt Smith
French Tickner
Jerry J. Todd N/A
1999 Season Replacements: Mark Britten
Linda Chambers
Cevli Delgadillo
Dale D. Kelley
Stephanie Nadolny
Christopher Sabat
Sean Schemmel
Sunny Strait
Tiffany Vollmer N/A

If this is to hard to under stand or if im missing some actors then e-mail me at