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When Dbz Starts

Irwin has also entered into a joint-venture with FUNimation to launch a new toyco that will specialize in developing toys based on FUNimation's properties, which include the Dragon Ball Z movie brand and anime properties Yu-Yu Hakasho and Blue Gender. The as-yet-unnamed toyco, of which Irwin owns 50%, is expected to launch later this year.

Looks like FUNimation and Irwin are committed to making some really intricate figures for the future. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

And on an unrelated note, Anime Tourist has posted an article regarding a panel Cartoon Network held at Comic Con (which I somehow missed). They mention Cowboy Bebop and the new Daft Punk video heading to the network. Bebop is an extraordinary series...and a very bloody series. I'm glad they plan to air it in the Adult Swim, but lord knows how much will still need to be cut.

Random News...
First on the agenda, FUNimation has made it official: DB is delayed until August 20th on Cartoon Network.

The airdate for Dragon Ball on Cartoon Network has moved from July 23 to August 20. The change fits well with Cartoon Networks new fall schedule. Remember, Dragon Ball Z is currently scheduled to begin airing September 3, which means that you will be able to catch new episodes of Dragon Ball and DBZ at the same time.

Nothing surprsing, this was reported a while ago by Toonami news sites. The reason for the delay is because Cartoon Network felt this date fit better into their schedule than July.

Next, Bid For Power has made a number of developer journal updates while I was busy at comic con...check those out on their main page.

And lastly, Viz has announced a couple more chapter release dates. Both our release lists have been updated.
Well in case anyone is for some reason wondering how things are in the land of manga and video games, they are going very well. Let me tell any of you, that if you want to learn Japanese and experience Japanese culture, a homestay (or any other form of somewhat longterm life in Japan) is the only way to go. Thinking that I was pretty knowledgable about Japanese culture, I was still surprised after a couple days here. For one thing, the Japanese do not use napkins. I had no idea about this seemingly (from an American point of view) peculiar trait. I'm also learning things that my Japanese teacher, who is Japanese, told us people never do, such as refer to others as "takai" without use of the word "sei". My speech has also become possibly irrepparably informal, but I'm definitely picking up the language. If anyone reading is interested in doing a homestay in Japan, I say go for it. It's a great experience, and I highly doubt you'll regret it. And the food here is very different from American Japanese food, but is excellent. I'll see you guys in two weeks!
Thursday, 7/19/2001 @ 7:34 AM PDT by: Mr.E
Small WB Note...
I got an e-mail from Sam about the DBZ episodes airing on the WB July 30th:

I recieved a mail from my source who said that Kid WB's Toonami can only air Dragon Ball Z: Season 1 and 2.. That means only episodes 1 to 53. Although Toonami as a whole, has the rights for all the 180 DBZ episodes on CN. Toonami doesn't have the right to air them all in Kids WB. yet!

In other words, we're going to be seeing some old school dub episodes on that network.

Update:I've heard some conflicting reports on this one, so don't entirely count on it. However, there is plenty of evidence that suggests the WB will only air episodes from the first two seasons. Since the network is not on cable, it's possible that seasons 1 and 2 are the only ones "suitable" for the network because of their heavy editing. But this is just speculation. We'll find out on the 30th.

Interesting.... there's box art for the first two "Babadi" tapes at, and what's there is intriguing. No, the box art is nothing special, but they are clearly labeled "Babidi," which means that the listing on the site of "Babadi" is some kind of fluke, probably some odd quirk with the webmaster. So, it appears that the dark mage will retain his properly-romanized name. In addition, "Majin Buu" seems to be the official spelling of the blobby, pink evil force, rather than the spelling of "Boo," which has been used in many dubs from other languages, as well as the older action figures from Irwin.

What I really want to know, however, is why we're not seeing any info about DVD releases for these episodes. Whatever happened to "near-simultaneous" releases for the DVDs and VHS tapes, huh? We'll probably see some info popping up about them soon enough, I guess. Things are almost bound to change on Funimation's site, anyways... remember, this is from the same people who still refuse to admit that Dragon Ball has been rescheduled again. I think. My browser seems to have decided not to recognize about half the internet right now, Funimation's official DB and DBZ sites included. Damn ISP... I'm gonna have to get a different one pretty soon, if this keeps up...
*walks away, cursing to himself*

Update: I have found some release dates for the afforementioned Babidi DVDs at Don't know how accurate they are, but they list the first two Babidi DVDs as coming out October 2, and the second two coming out October 30. Between those two is the Freeza DVD, Super Saiyan Goku, for October 16. That's the only one I've really been anticipating since Funimation started putting bilingual DVDs out almost a year ago. So... there you have it. Just keep in mind that these dates are not technically officially announced yet, and as always, they're subject to change. You know how it goes...

As we reported earlier, Toonami is coming to Kids'WB! Batman Beyond will be a part of the block, as well as Pokemon, Cardcaptors (unconfirmed), but the 4:30pm (ET) slot is the kicker. It seems, for now, that time slot will be a rotating slot highlighting Cartoon Network Toonami shows, much like the "Action Block" that aired earlier this summer in that same timeslot. Batman Beyond will remain at 3pm (ET), followed by Pokemon, possibly Cardcaptors (or another Pokemon), then the rotating CN slot. This schedule right now is likely temporary. And the first show to begin in this slot? Well, on Monday, July 30 Kids'WB! will air a week of Dragonball Z episodes at 4:30 p.m. (ET). This is a big milestone in the Toonami block, which will be four hour slong and stretched over two networks. Stay tuned for more news on this later this week!

So there you least for a week, DBZ will be airing on the frog network. Not much else to say about that...yes, they will be repeats. No new episodes until September 3rd, and that will be on Cartoon Network.

And SkullMac, who had said DBZ would probably never come to the WB, is currently eating his own underpants. Chew slowly, SkullMac...savor the flames to come!

Okay this is your 3rd chance hurry up and vote!

(Plz vote for all 3 it will help me even more)

There is a new target date for the original Dragonball series to air on Cartoon Network's anime block, Toonami. The new possible date is Monday, August 20th @5:30PM, right after Outlaw Star ends on Friday, August 17th. (Note: This date is only tentative, so there might be more delays.)

This is the official word from TOONAMI Reps.

CNX has posted about the delay before, but now we have a date. From what I have heard, FUNimation keeps trying to send DB to Cartoon Network, but CN keeps sending them back because "you can't say that," or "you can't show that." After seeing some of the uncut videos, I can see why they would be concerned...but damn, they are hilarious. And like I said before, I normally don't like dubs. I'm actually laughing at their humor rather than the usual excessive grunting.

Anyhow, as mentioned above, that date is not final, and there could be even more delays.

If you wach cartoon network then prepare for the ultimate toonami they will be play Dragonball episodes and new dragonball z episodes!!! the DNZ will start in sep. 10 and i forget about the DB ones but there soming ^_^

Got any news e-mail it to me at