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Other Chracters

1. Goku vs. The giant fish- This was Goku's first fight. While fishing with his tail a Giant fish bit it. Goku kicked the fish and killed it.

2. Goku vs. The taradactual- A Giant Talking Dinosaur kidnapped Bulma and was flying away. Goku hopped on Bulma's motorcycle and flew over a hill. Goku jumped for the dino, but could not reach. He then hit and killed the dinosaur with his Nyobi.

3. Goku vs. Bear Thief.

4. Goku vs. Oolong- Not really much of a battle. Oolong just tried to scare away Goku, but had to keep running away becaue he could only transform for a limited time. Oolong ended up trailing along with Bulma and Goku.

5. Goku vs. Yamcha- Goku met up with Bulma in the desert. They fought for awhile and it was pretty even. Yamucha ran away when Bulma walked over to were they were fighting.

6. Goku vs. Yamcha.

7. Chi-Chi vs. T-Rex- Chi-Chi is out away from here home when a giant T-Rex begins to chase here. She takes a gaiant blade on here helmet and flings it at the Dinosaur. It cuts off its head and of course kills it.

8. Yamcha vs. Chi-Chi.

9. Goku vs. One of boss Rabbit's henchmen.

10. Goku vs. Boss Rabbit- Goku can not touch Boss Rabbit or he will be turned into a carrot. So he decides to beat on Boss Rabbit with his Nyobi. When Boss Rabbit is defeated he tells Goku the secret word to turn Bulma back into a human

11. Yamcha, Bulma, Puar, and Oolong vs. Oozaru Goku- Goku sees the full moon and transforms. This breaks the others out of Lord Pilaf's castle, but then they have to turn Goku back into his normal form. Puar turns into a giant pair of scissors and cuts of Goku's tail

12. Goku vs. Seikan

13.Krillin vs. Sabertooth

14. Goku vs. Krillin

15. Goku vs. Lunch

16. Goku vs. Oootoko

17. Krillin vs Oorinji's Senbai

18. Goku vs. (can't remember)

19. Krillin vs. Ken Pou Ka

20. Goku vs. Bokusa

21. Krillin vs. (can't remember)

22. Krillin vs. Bacterium - Krillin is put to the test against this dirtball. Bacterium had never taken a shower and it shows?or should I say smells. Any way at one point Bacterium puts his hands in his shorts and rubs between his legs and then lets Krillin take a whiff. Bacterium sits and jumps on Krillin, but after Krillin is reminded by Goku that he does not have nose. Krillin then beats Bacterium

23. Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun (Master Roshi)- Even though Yamcha does most of the attacking it is an easy victory for Jackie Chun. Yamcha kicked and punched at Jackie Chun, but Jackie Chun dodges all of the attacks. Finally Yamcha uses his Wolf Fang Technique which when used Jackie Chun just jumps over Yamcha. And uses a blast made of wind that knocks Yamcha out of the ring and therefore Jackie Chun wins.

24. Lanfan vs. Namu- Lanfan was no match for Namu, but Namu had trouble hitting a girl. When Lanfan removed her shirt Namu went into shock, but finally Namu remembered that he was there to get water for his town and with that closed his eyes and in one blow knocked out Lanfan

25. Goku vs. Giran- A fight that Goku almost lost. Giran spit two purple ring's on Goku which Goku could not break free of. When Giran threw Goku out of the ring Goku called for Kintoun which brought him back to the ring. After it was agreed that from now on the Kintoun was not allowed Goku broke free of the rings and then kicked a hole in a wall. When Giran saw Goku's strength he gave up.

26. Krillin vs. Jackie Chun

27. Goku vs. Namu

28. Goku vs. Jackie Chun

29. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army Sentou In Futari (Combatant Pair)

30. Goku vs Captain Silver

31. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army Sentou In Futari (Combatant Pair)

32. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army Sentou In Tasuu (Countless Warriors)

33. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army Sentou In Shinin (4th person)

34. Goku vs. Sargeant Metallic

35. Goku vs. Master Sargeant Purple

36. Goku vs. Buyon

37. Goku vs. General White

38. Goku vs. Machi Budouka

39. Goku vs. Machi Gumi

40. Goku vs. RR

41. Muten Roshi and Ranchi vs. RR

42. Goku and Krillin vs. Robot Pirate

43. Goku vs. Oodako

44. Blue Shogun vs. Kryllan

45. Blue Shogun vs. Goku

46. Blue Shogun vs. Arale

47. Bora vs. Red Ribbon Army's 7th man

48. Goku vs. Colonel Yellow

49. Blue Shogun vs. Tao Pai Pai

50. Bora vs. Tao Pai Pai

51. Tao Pai Pai vs. Goku

52. Tao Pai Pai vs. Goku

53. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army's Countless Warriors

54. Goku vs. Advisor Black

55. Krillin vs. Dracula Man

56. Upa and Puuaru vs. Dracula Man

57. Yamcha vs. Invisable man

58. Yamcha vs. Little Mummy

59. Goku vs. Little Mummy

60. Goku vs. Akkuman

61. Goku vs. Grandpa Gohan

62. Goku vs.Mei (Pilaf Henchman)

63. Yamcha vs. Mohichan

64. Krillin vs. Oootoko

65. Tenshinhan vs. Sumou Tori

66. Goku vs. King Chapa (Chop)

67. Jackie Chun vs. Bear Man

68. Tenshinhan vs. Yamcha

69. Jackie Chun vs. Man-wolf

70. Krillin vs. Chao-tzu

71. Goku vs. Panputto

72. Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun- In this match Jackie Chun steps out of the ring so he would lose on purpose. He wanted Tenshinhan to face Goku that was the reason for him to lose.

73. Goku vs. Krillin

74. Goku vs. Tenshinhan

75. Kamesennin vs. Tsurusennin

76. Tanbarin vs. Goku

77. Goku vs. Yajorobie

78. Yajorobie vs. Cymbol

79. Tanbarin vs. Giran

80. Tanbarin vs. Goku

81. Goku vs. Piccolo Daimo

82. Kamesennin vs. Piccolo Daimo

83. Piccolo Daimo vs. Guard

84. Tenshinhan vs. Drum

85. Goku vs. Drum

86. Goku vs. Piccolo Daimo

87. Goku vs. Mr. PoPo

88. Goku vs. King Chapa (Chop) 89. Tao Pai Pai vs. Chao-tzu

90. Shien (Kami's Human form) vs. Yajorobie

91. Tao Pai Pai vs. Tenshinhan

92. Goku vs. Chi-Chi

93. Kriyllin vs. Ma Junior (Piccolo)

94. Shien (Kami's Human form) vs. Yamcha

95. Goku vs. Tenshinhan

96. Shien (Kami's human form) vs. Ma Junior (Piccolo)

97. Goku vs. Ma Junior (Piccolo)

Dragonball Z
98. Radditz vs. Goku- This is when Radditz first arrives on Earth. He tells Goku that he must kill one hundred people or he would kill Gohan.

99. Radditz vs. Piccolo and Goku- The first Major fight in DBZ. Radditz appears to be having to problem with Goku and Piccolo. During this fight Gohan's true power is revealed. Radditz is defeated when Goku holds Radditz still so Piccolo can use his Makansappo. This kills both Radditz and Goku. Afterward Piccolo takes Gohan so he can be trained.

100. Gohan vs, T-Rex- Gohan has some fun with a T-Rex. On two occasion's these two fight. On the second occasion Gohan cuts of its tail and eats it.

101. Tien vs. Saibaman- The first to fight one of Nappa's Saibamen. He defeat's it pretty easily

102. Yamcha vs. Saibaman- Yamcha fights the saibaman and it looks as though it was defeated easily. When Yamcha is off guard the saibaman jumps up and self destruct's killing Yamcha

103. Krillin vs. Saibamen- Krillin is very upset because he was going to fight instead of Yamcha. Krillin forms as amazing energy blast which kills all of Saibamen in one shot.

104. Piccolo vs. Saibaman- It turns out that one Saibaman was left and it jumps for Gohan. Piccolo uses his mouth blast to kill it.

105. Tien vs. Nappa- No matter how much Tenshinhan fight's he is no match for Nappa. Tien gets his hand cut off. In a last ditch effort Tenshinhan forms one last energy blast which might of killed Nappa if he would not have seen it coming.

106. Piccolo vs. Nappa- Like the others Piccolo is no match for Nappa. Piccolo is killed when he jumps in front of a blast that is shot at Gohan.

107. Nappa vs. Goku- Goku showed up when only Krillin and Gohan were left. Goku made a fool out of Nappa and broke his back. Nappa was killed by Vegeta.

108. Vegeta vs. Goku- The second great fight in DBZ. Goku is not able to kill Vegeta. Yajarobie helps out by cutting off Vegeta's tail while he is transformed. Krillin and Gohan help out also. Krillin could have killed Vegeta with Yajarobie's sword, but Goku tells Krillin to let him go.

109. Gohan and Krillin vs. Two of Freeza'a weak henchman- Right when Gohan and Krillin arrive on Namek they are sensed through one of the scouter's. Two of Freeza's weak henchmen are sent. Instead of having an easy fight Gohan and Krillin easily kill the two men

110. Vegeta vs. Kuwi- Kuwi follow's Vegeta to Namek. Kuwi thinks that his power level is much stronger than Vegeta's. In one blast Kuwi is killed by Vegeta.

111. Zarbon vs. Nameks

112. Freeza vs. Nameks

113. Freeza vs. Nameks

114. Vegeta vs. Dodoria- Basically in this fight there isn't much of a fight. Dodoria convinces Vegeta to let him go if he tells Vegeta the truth. Dodoria then tells Vegeta that is was Freeza that blew up Planet Vegeta. Vegeta, being the bad ass that he is, still ended up killing Dodoria

115. Zarbon vs. Vegeta - first time- Zarbon wasn't strong enogh to defeat Vegeta until he transformed. After that Zarbon beat the crap out of Vegeta and blasted him into a lake. Later Zarbon retrieved him and brought him back to Freeza'a ship.

116. Zarbon vs. Vegeta - second time- Vegeta was much stronger that Zarbon during this fight. Even after Zarbon transformed Vegeta punched into Zarbon's chest and then blasted him from inside killing him.

117. Krillin and Gohan vs. Guldo- Kryllan and Gohan were much stronger than Guldo. Guldo was able to live though because he could freeze time. Finally Guldo Froze Krillin and Gohan in there places took a tree and was going to stab them. Just then Vegeta jumped in and cut off Guldo's head.

118. Vegeta vs. Recoom

119. Goku vs. Recoom- Fight, what fight. Basically Goku and Recoom stood infront of each other. Recoom charged up for his Recoom Boom and before Recoom even saw his Goku sped forward and punched Recoom in the stomach taking Recoom out of battle. Recoom was later killed by Vegeta

120. Goku vs. Burter and Jeice - Once again not much of a fight. Goku was in control the whole time. The two Ginyu members could not belive Goku's speed. Even when they used there final attack Goku was still to fast. Goku took out Burter and Jeice flew away. Burter was later killed by Vegeta.

121. Goku vs Ginyu

122. Freeza vs. Nail- Nail's job was to distract Freeza and he did a great job of it. Freeza beat Nail within an inch of his life. When Freeza found out what was going on he sped away quickly leaving Nail to die.

123. Ginyu (In Goku's body) vs. Gohan and Krillin

124. Vegeta vs. Jeice

125. Gohan vs. Freeza (Second form)

126. Goku vs. Freeza- A very long fight so I will only give the main points. Freeza was forced to transform into his fourth form. Freeza killed Dende and Vegeta. Piccolo distracted Freeza while Goku formed his biggest Genke Dama ever and fired it at Freeza. The Z warriors began to celebrate. Freeza was still alive and appeared from a mountain. He shot a beam through Piccolo which nearly killed him, actually the beam was shot at Goku and Piccolo jumped in the way. Freeza then made Krillin go boom. Goku then turned SSJ and ordered for Gohan to leave with Bulma and Piccolo. So to move on Goku was in advantage the rest of the fight pretty much. Freeza was cut in half by a disc that he fired at Goku. Goku then gave Freeza some energy so he could escape the explosion. Freeza turned on Goku and Goku was forced to put Freeza out of commision.

127. Trunks vs. King Kold's henchmen- All these weak men were forced to fight Trunks so Trunks had a field day and killed them all very easily.

128. Trunks vs. Freeza bot - Not much of a fight here. Trunks cut Freeza into a million pieces and then blows him up

129. Trunks vs. King Kold- King Kold thinks that the only reason Trunks beat his son is because of his sword. So King Kold got Trunks sword, But like Freeza was as FUNimation would say, sent to another dimension.

130. Dr. Gero vs. Yamcha- Yamcha was the first of the Z warriors to meet up with the androids. Dr Gero put his hand through Yamcha's chest and then absorbed all of Yamcha's energy.

131. Android 19 vs. SSJ Goku- When this fight first began Goku was in perfect condition and you could see it when he fought. For most of the fight Goku was untouchable, dodging every one of Android 19?s attack. Later, Goku began to feel the effects of his heart disease. Goku, after getting beaten up pretty bad, fires a Kame Hame Ha, but it is absorbed by Android 19. Android 19 plays with Goku and Android 20 (who is Dr. Gero) will not allow the others to intervene. Goku is finally saved when Vegeta appears and kicks Android 19 out of the way.

132. Android 19 vs. SSJ Vegeta- This fight immediately follows Goku's. Vegeta watched Goku and 19 fight, so he developed a technique to get passed 19's ability to suck energy from his hands?. Vegeta asked? "Do androids feel pain before he ripped the androids arms and quickly defeated him.

133. Piccolo vs. Dr. Gero- Piccolo is grabbed by Gero and Gero covers Piccolo?s mouth (so Piccolo can?t yell) and sucks his energy out. When Piccolo is on the verge of death, he uses telepathy to call Gohan and Gohan knocks Gero off of him. Piccolo is given a senzu and tells Gero that he only let him absorb a little bit of his energy, then chops his arm off so he can?t absorb any more energy. Bulma arrives and while everyone is distracted, Dr. Gero runs away.

134. Dr. Gero vs. Android 17- Android 17 kicks Dr. Gero's head off and steps on it.

135. Android 18 vs. SSJ Vegeta- Vegeta says he won't hold back on 18 because she is a girl. Little did he know that he would have to go all out. This fight took place on a freeway and ended up on a sandy hill. In this fight 18 broke Vegeta's arm in one swift kick and easily won.

136. Imperfect Cell vs. Piccolo

137. Piccolo vs. Android 17

138. Imperfect Cell vs. Android 17

139. Imperfect Cell vs. Android 16

140. Cell vs. Vegeta

141. Cell vs. Kryllan

142. SSJ Vegeta vs. Cell

143. Cell vs. SSJ Trunks

144. Cell vs. Mr. Satan

145. SSJ Gohan vs Android 17 and 18

146. SSJ Goku vs. Cell

147. Cell vs. Gohan- This fight starts when Goku forfeits and lets Gohan take over. Gohan does poorly at first and reaches the brink of death. Goku keeps telling Gohan to "get mad", so Cell tries to make Gohan mad by creating "Cell Juniors" which beat up on the Z warriors. Android 16 jumps in and tries to do a self-destruct to Cell. The explosion will kill everyone in the area and after a few minutes of anticipation nothing happens. Krillin remembers that Dr. Briefs took that ability away from 16 when he was working on him in his lab. Cell laughs and blows 16 into pieces. More fighting occurs and Gohan is beaten even worse. Later, the head of 16 (all that is left of him) asks Mr. Satan to throw him near Gohan. Mr. Satan regretfully agrees. When 16 is near Gohan he tells him that it is OK to fight for something you believe in and encourages Gohan to fight with all of his power. Just as he finishes speaking, Cell steps on 16 and destroys him forever. Gohan is enraged at this and everything that been happening so much, that it causes him to go SSJ2. Gohan kills all of the Cell Juniors with ease and easily beats up on Cell. Cell is about to die and Gohan is starting to toy with him. Goku tells Gohan to "finish him", but Gohan is so enraged that he says he deserves much more? Goku is shocked because Gohan is going overboard. Cell spits out 18 and starts eturning to his imperfect body. In desperation, Cell uses his self-destruct and is going to blow up the world. Gohan is upset because he should have killed him and now there is nothing he can do. Suddenly, Goku says his goodbyes to everyone and uses instant teleportation to teleport Cell to Kaio-Sama?s place. When Gohan realizes what he is doing he mourns, Krillin helps him up and they walk away.

148. Cell vs. SSJ2 Gohan-

149. Trunks vs. Android 17 and 18

150. Trunks vs. Cell- This one really isn?t much of a fight. Catching everyone off guard, we see Trunks blasted through the chest by a beam. When a gigantic smoke cloud clears we see Cell. Vegeta is enraged and goes after Cell.

151. Gohan vs. Kougoutou Shinin Kumi (4th set of Burglers)

152. Great Saiyaman and Videl vs. Goutou Futari Gumi (Pair of Burglars)

153. Idaasa vs. Trunks

154. Pyon Tatto vs. Ueburi

155. Goten vs. Ikose

156. Chibi Trunks vs. Goten- This is a great match takes place in the Tenkachi Budokai?s Youth Division. After easily defeating everyone, the only kids left are Goten and Trunks. They agree not to use their Super Saiyajin and Ki attacks. During the fight Trunks gets Goten in a squeeze hold and tells Goten to hurry and give up or else he may die. Goten goes SSJ and flies out. Trunks is upset because he broke the rule, but Goten said it was an accident. Trunks tells Goten that he can beat him with one arm, and near the end he cheats by going SSJ and using 2 arms to knock Goten out of the ring. Goten looses and calls Trunks a cheater, but Trunks said it was an accident just like when Goten went SSJ. Trunks tells Goten he can have any three of his toys and Goten is happy again.

157. Chibi Trunks vs. Mr. Satan- Mr. Satan is fearing for his life when he hears that he has to fight the winner of the Youth Division, Trunks. As usual, Mr. Satan thinks of a plan to get out of the fight. Mr. Satan tells Trunks that before they fight they must tap each other lightly on the cheek. He said that so he can act really hurt when he gets hit and pretend he "let Trunks win". When the match starts, Satan tells Trunks to tap him on the cheek, the crowd is amazed that he is gonna give trunks a free hit. Trunks does what Satan tells him, but the tap sends Satan flying into a brick wall. The crowd is in shock and Satan slowly gets to his feet. When he gets up he pretends like he acted to be hurt, the crowd bought it, and they all chanted his name. Trunks thinks Satan really is good because he "let him win". When Satan returns to his locker room, we see that the punch really did hurt him.

158. Kryllan vs. Punta

159. Piccolo vs. Shin

160. Supopo Bitchi vs. Videl

161. Yamuu and Supopo Bitchi vs. Gohan

162. Pui Pui vs. Vegeta

163. Yakon vs. Goku

164. Android 18 vs. Mr. Satan

165. Gohan vs. Darbura

166. Majin Vegeta vs. Goku- Vegeta lets himself get possessed by Babi Dee, so that he can get more power. After he does this Vegeta, Goku, and the others are teleported to the Tenkachi Budokai Arena. Vegeta blows up the stands to provoke Goku. Goku realizes what Vegeta is doing and that he let himself be possessed. Goku is outraged and agrees to a fight with Vegeta, even though Kaio Shin tells him it is just Babi Dee?s way to gain energy for Majin Buu. Vegeta and Goku go to an empty location and start to fight. In the middle of the fight Goku senses Majin Buu and says that they should stop and go find out what is happening. Vegeta agrees and Goku lets his guard down because he thinks the fight is over. When Goku reaches for the last senzu, (he is taking it to prepare for the Majin-Buu fight) Vegeta hits Goku and knocks him out. He takes the senzu and flies off.

167. Fat Buu vs. Dabura

168. Gohan and Kaioushin vs. Fat Buu

169. Fat Buu vs. Dabura

170. Fat Buu vs. Majin Vegeta- This is Majin Vegeta?s last fight. Vegeta starts out by knocking Buu around all over the place. It looks as if Buu has no chance to win. Soon, Buu fully recovers and Vegeta starts to wonder if Buu is immortal because he can?t be damaged. When Vegeta is almost dead, Chibi Trunks and Goten fly in and kick Majin Buu away. Vegeta arises and realizes the only way to kill Buu is to ensure that all of his flesh is blown up, so that he can not regenerate. He hugs Trunks and tells him to take care of his mother. Piccolo watches from the air and figures out what Vegeta is going to do. Vegeta knocks Trunks and Goten out and tells Piccolo to take them home. Vegeta asks Piccolo if he will be able to see Goku when he dies, but Piccolo tells him that he will not go to heaven and will be sent to hell for killing so many innocent people. Vegeta tells Piccolo to hurry and leave then. Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, and Kryllan fly off. Majin Buu starts to approach and Vegeta prepares to blow himself up in hopes to kill Buu forever. Piccolo flies off knowing that Vegeta is finally fighting for someone other than himself. Vegeta does his explosion and it wipes out everything?. Or does it?

171. Piccolo vs. Babidi

172. SSJ3 Goku vs. Fat Buu

173. Satan vs. Akunin

174. Akunin vs. Evil Buu

175. Evil Buu vs. Skinny Buu

176. Fat Buu vs. Akunin (shot bee) and assistant- After Akunin shoots Bee and Satan, Buu blows Akunin to pieces with a Ki blast. He then liquifies himself, shoots himself down the assistants throat, and then expands. Um...ouch.

177. Gotenks vs. Evil Buu

178. Gohan vs. Evil Buu

179. Vegetto vs. Evil Buu

180. SSJ3 Goku vs. Majin Buu

181. Vegeta vs. Majin Buu

182. Majin Buu vs. Fat Buu

183. Majin Buu vs. Vegeta

184. Majin Buu vs. Goku

185. Vegeta vs. Noshiku- Some teenager who is all that decided to mess with Vegeta before their match. He called Vegeta an old man. Well without even turning around, Vegeta punched him across the arena.

186. Pan vs. Mou Kekko- Some huge guy who looks like he would kill Pan. After a punch and then a kick Pan knocks him out of the ring.

187. Goku vs. Ubuu - This fight is during the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Ubuu is very nervous, but once Goku attacks him starts to fight back. Goku realizez this kids great power and asks him if he would like to go and train for him.

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