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Goku's Gaiden


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Some Of the below are not written by me but most is.
All that maners is that you enjoy ;^_^;<---(Gogeta Smileing)

The wait will not be vain, even if it will not be brief, In Japan they are preparing Dragon Ball's last episode: Goku Gaiden. In Italy, the new adventures will be published in some years. In the meantime, let's taste the plot.

One century has already gone by, Goku had defeated Baby and the Evil Dragons and Pan had transformed in an old woman with a grandson: Goku Junior.

The curtain opens on the two main characters, while the old woman his praying with the kid on his grandfather's grave. It is a moment dedicated to the respect of dead people and Goku Junior thinks to go searching for butterflies. It is a first clue about his personality: he is not able to catch the sense of events. It is a flaw always present, even during the trainings which will be often ineffectual. Pam is very desperate about it.

Her fragile heart finishes off when her grandson decides to stop his studies. When the grandmother will be admitted for his fault, Goku Junior seems to acquire bravery and decides to find the miraculous Dragon's Sphere he has seen in some pictures. He leaves for Paozi Yama, a mountain full of demons and the walk is full of dangers, considering that he is not very lucky. So, while Goku Junior makes a pause to satisfy a biological need, he is robbed of his possessions by a group of Oolong. Pakku comes for helping him; he is the school master who, after having oppressed the little boy, decides to go with him. However this will not last much, because they are soon attacked by a pack of woolves. The young couple of heros is helped and saved by a misterious girl, who soon reveals to be a witch. Escaped from the evil creature, Goku and Pakku reach a bridge. Pakku passes without damages, Goku falls and his friend, in saving him, precipitates in the ravine. Sad for what has happened to his companion, our hero meets a little bear persecuted by a gigantic frog. Once defeatead his new enemy, Goku Junior finally arrives at the house where Son Goku has spent his childhood with his grandfather Son Gohan and where, according to the legend, should be the Dragon's Ball. But his troubles have not ended yet: it comes the witch again and, soon after her, even the guardian of the place, the giant Yamaoh. A foght will go out and Goku will surprisingly be the winner, transforming himself in a Super Saiyan.

Now, the only thing to do is to take the Dragon's Ball, even if this will not have the hoped effect. The desires do not come true. But then, Son Goku comes and the situation seems to resolve. And even Pan and Pakku are here again. But this is not the end of the story...

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