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DragonBall Z Super butoden 2
DragonBall Z Super Butouden 2 (SNES)

  A : Fireball
  B : Kick
  Y : Punch
  X : Fly or Fall
  R/L : Fly Forward/Back

Big Bang: W,SW,S,SE,E,A
Elbow Attack: S,SE,E,Y
Final Flash Attack: S,SW,W,E,A
Energy Beams: S,SW,W,A
Ken Za: S,SE,E,A

Energy Blast: S,E+A
Kamehameha: W,S,E+A
Spin Kick: W,S,E+B
Kaomeha: S,W,E+A

Kamehameha: S,SW,W,E,A
Masenko: W,SW,S,SE,E,A
Pissed Off Punch: E,W,E,Y
Energy Beams: S,SW,W,A
Energy Beam: S,SE,E,A

Energy Blast: S,SE,E,A
Super Kick: E,W,E,B
Kakiou Beam: W,E,A
Makankosapaskuo: W,SW,S,SE,E,A

Kamehameha: W,SW,S,SE,E,A
Energy Beams: S,SW,W,A
Upper Attack: S,SE,E,Y
Kamehameha: S,SW,W,E,A

Energy Beam: W,SE,E,A
Energy Beams: S,SW,W,A
Burner Attack: W,SW,S,SE,E,A
Super Shot: W,SW,S,A

Energy Blast: W,E+A
Finger Beam: E,W,E+B
Big Buster: S,SW,W,E+A
Energy Shots: S,SW,W+A

Energy Shots: S,SE,E+A
Energy Blast: W,E+A
Super Buster: S,SW,W,E+A
Knee Shot: S,SE,E+Y



Ant Mode
Press down 10 times during the screen before the fight while the players are talking to each other.

Brawly vs. Goku
To play as Brawly vs. Son Goku in the versus match, press Up, X, Down, B, L, Y, R, A during the intro where you see Son Goku's hand's flying toward the tower in the sky.

Built-In Move List
While in the middle of a battle, hit the start button, and then select. Scroll down with the control pad twice, and hit the "A" button. This will bring you to a list of moves for your character. Press "A" while on your selected move to get a chance to practice it!

Different Meteo Attacks
When you are fighting at the stage with the temple in the background (SCENE 1 & SCENE 2), do your character's Meteo Attack (Left, Right, Down, Up, B, and some character's use Y instead of B), and you will notice that your character does either a variation or a completely different attack; Which ends with your opponent being dashed right through the temple's floor as the last hit of the Meteo Attack.

Fight Cell Junior in 1 player mode
Lose to Cell (the big green guy with wings) and you'll get another chance by fightin Cell jr. (little blue guy with wings).

Play as Future Trunks
At the into screen where you see Vegeta and Son Goku's face enter Up, X, Down, B, L, Y, R, A. If done correctly sound.

Hold Y+X+B+A then hit Select during any match and your character will give up and surrender.

Turbo Mode
At the beginning of the game, right before Goku starts speaking in black screen, quickly push the L and R buttons on the second player controller. If you did the code right, the "2" in the title screen will be flashing. The slower it flashes, the faster the game will be.
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