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DragonBall Z Super butoden 1
DragonBall Z Super Butouden 1 (SNES)

  A : Fireball
  B : Kick
  Y : Punch
  X : Fly or Fall
  R/L : Fly Forward/Back

Fireball: A
3 Rapid Fireballs: S,SW,W,W+A
Big Burn Attack: S,SW,W,E+A
Final Crush: W,SW,S,SE,E+A
Sliding Kick: S,SE,E+B
Flip & Charge: S,SW,W+Y
Flip & Kick: SW,NE+B
Super Dash: E,W,E+Y

SS Vegeta
Fireball: A
Rapid Fireballs: S,SW,W+A
Big Burn Attack: S,SW,W,E+A
Final Crush: W,SW,S,SE,E+A
Sliding Kick: S,SE,E+B
Flip & Charge: S,SW,W+Y
Flip & Kick: SW,NE+B
Super Dash: E,W,E+Y

Fireball: A
Kaoken: SW(hold) then N+A
Genki Dono: S,SE,E+A
Kamehameha: S,SW,W,E+A
Mega Genki Dono: E,SE,S,SW,W+A
Jump & Kick: SW,NE+BR
Jump Kick: E,S+B
Back & Charge: S,SW,W+Y
Big Combo: W,SW,S,SE,E,NE,N+B

SS Goku
Fireball: A
Rapid Fireballs: S,SW,W+A
Genki Dono: S,SE,E+A
Kamehameha: S,SW,W+Y
Jump Kick: E,S+B
Jump & Kick: SW,NE+B
Big Combo: W,SW,S,SE,E,NE,N+B
4 Kicks: W,SW,S,SE,E+B

Fireball: A
Rapid Fireballs: S,SW,W+A
Super Move: W,SW,S,SE,E+A
Tornado Move: W,SW,S,SE,E+B
Jump Kick: E,S+B
Flip & Kick: SW,NE+B
Charge up Attack: S,SW,W+Y ( Flying )

Finger Beam: E,W+A
Invisible Shockwave: S, SE, E+A
Spinning Disk: W,SW,S+A
Planet Destroyer: E,SE,S,SW,W+A
Back up, Elbow Strike: S,SW,W+Y
Jumping Tail spin: SW,NE+Y
Tail Attack: W,SW,S,SE,E+B

Eye Beams: W,E+A
Tracking Fireball: S,SE,E+A
Ma-Ken-Ko san-Po: W,SW,S,SE+A
Ki Discharge: E,SE,S,SW,W+A
Jump Kick: E,S+B
Double Kick: E,W,E+B
Big Combo: E,SE,S,SW,W+B

SS Gohan
Fireball: A
Rapid Fireballs: S,SW,W+A
Super move 1: W,SW,S,SE+A
Ma-Sen-Koh: W,SW,S,SE,E+A
Flip & Kick: SW,NE+B
Sliding Kick: S,SE,E+B
Flying Jump Kick: E,S+B (while jumping)
Explosive Punch: E,W,E+Y

Perfect Cell
Fireball: A
Rapid Fireballs: S,SW,W+A
Super Ma-Ken-ko San-Po: S,SW,W,E+A
Double Fireball: W,SW,S,SE,E+A
Perfect Attack: SW,NE+B
Sliding Kick: W,SW,S+B
Flying Jump Kick: E,S+B
Buster Kick: E,SE,S,SW+B

Fireball: A
Ground Wave:W,SW,S+A
Energy Steal: E,SE,S,SW,W+A
Kamehameha: S,SW,W,E+A
Ma-Ken-Ko-San po: W,SW,S,SE+A
Sliding Kick: W,SW,S+B
Tail Swipe: SW,NE+B
Buster Kick: E,SE,S,W,W+B

Android 16
Fireball: A
Eye Beams: W,E+A
Rocket Punch: S,SE,E+A
Hell's Crush: W,SW,S,SE+A
Jump Kick: SW,NE+B
Shrug Punch: W,E+Y
Spin Kick: S,SE,E+B

Android 18
Fireball: A
Ground Wave: W,SW,S+A
Tracking Fireball: S,SE,E+A
Energy Discharge: S,SW,W,E+A
Flip & Butt Slam: SW,NE+B
Sliding Kick: S,SE,E+B
Retreat & Charge: S,SW,W+Y
Hip Attack: S,SE,E+Y

Android 20
Fierball: A
Eye Beams: W,E+A
Energy Drain: E,SE,S,SW,W+A
Energy Discharge: S,SE,E+A
Head Bang Jump: SW,NE+Y
Head Bang Charge: S,SW,W+Y
Upper Cut Combo: S,SE,E+Y



CPU Control
Pause while in vs. mode or Tenkai-Ichi Budokai mode match and press A+B+X+Y. A sound will confirm the codes correct entry. Unpause the game and the PC will fight itself.

Fight as Brawly or Goku
Wait until Goku's hand flies toward the tower in the sky during the intro sequence. The press Up, X, Down, B, L, Y, R, A. A sound will confirm, the correct code entry.

Hidden Characters
Hold L + R, and continuously press X, A, B, Y in a clockwise motion. Sweep the D-Pad in a counter clockwise full circle when Goku begins to speak. Continue until you hear a chime following Goku's voice. This will also allow you to choose the Sam character in VS mode.

Press A at the intro to go to the title screen. Wait until Goku and Piccolo are fighting in the background, then press L + R + Select + Start. The game will reset. Press any button to enter the main menu. The game level will be set to 4 to confirm the code.

Super Saiyan Levels
Yellow: Up, L, Down, Y
Blue: Left, L, R, Right
Super Blue: Up, L, Up, Y, Up, X, Up, R
Super Red: Left, R, Up, X, Right, Y, Down, L

View real ending
Play on a difficulty level of 3 or higher,
fight the following matches in order:

1. Son Goku vs. Piccolo
2. Son Goku vs. Vegeta
3. Son Goku vs. Freeza
4. Piccolo vs. Android 20
5. Vegeta vs. Android 18
6. Piccolo vs. Cell
7. Son Goku vs. Android 16
8. Vegeta vs. Trunks
9. Son Goku vs. Son Gohan
10. Son Gohan vs. P-Cell

The words "The end" will appear. Wait until Final Battle appears. Beat perfect cell to view the real ending of the game.
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