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Air: Must be in air
Close: Must be close to enemy
A: Fireball
B: Kick
Y: Punch
X: Hand Slash
R/L: Fly Forward/Back
TU = Towards Up
CB = Charge Back
CD = Charge Down
QCB = Quarter Circle Back
QCT = Quarter Circle Towards
HCB = Half Circle Back
AD = Away Down
HCT = Half Circle Towards
DT = Down Towards
DP = T, D, DT

Son Goku
Double Kick: T + B
Double Rushing Punch: QCT + Y
Rising Knee: DP + B
Quad Kick: HCT + B
Windmill Kick: QCB + B
Slash Kick: T,D + B (Air)
Teleport: A,D,AD + Y (or B)
Energy Bolt: T,A,T + A
3D Attack: R or L + B

Sliding Kick Combo: QCT + B (4x)
Rising Knee: DP + B
Flash Attack: AD,T (or TU) + Y
Ground Flash: D,U + Y
Triple Fireballs: QCT + A
Energy Shield: QCB + Y
Verticle Fireballs: QCB + A (Air)
3D attack: R or L + Y

Slide Tackle: DT + Y
Diving Headbutt: HCB + Y (Air)
Winding Uppercut: HCT + Y
Leaping Headbutt: QCT + Y
Energy Bolt: T,A,T + A (Air)
Triple Fireballs: QCT + A
Fireball Fury: QCT (2x)
3D Attack: R or L + Y

Rushing Uppercut: T + Y
Charging Double Kick: CB,T + B
Rising Flame Kick: CD,U + B
Quad Punch: CB,T + Y
Kick Flurry: T,D + B (Air)
Triple Fireballs: QCT + A
3D Attack: R or L + B

Hard Kick (Overhead): T + B
Backflip Combo: HCB + B (Close)
Charging Elbow: QCT + Y
Double Lunge Kick: T,D + B (Air)
Triple Fireballs: QCB + A
Rising Quadruple Kick: AD,UT + B
3D Attack: R or L + B

High Extended Punch: DP + Y
Low Extended Punch: DP + B
Counter (Physical Hits Only): HCT + Y
Kick Flurry: T,D + B (Air)
Mental Shock: A,AD,D + A
Fireball Seeker: DP + A
3D Attack: R or L + B

Mr. Buu
Butt Bounce: D + B (Air)
Headbutt: CB,T + Y
Two-Handed Hit: CD,U + Y
Pirouette: CB,T + B
Shock and Munch: CD,U + B
Triple FireballsQCB + A
3D Attack: R or L + B

Boo Glider: HCB + Y (Air)
Fireball Spit (Straight): T,DT,D + Y (Air)
Fireball Spit (Diagonal): T,DT,D + B (Air)
Head Whip: QCT + Y
Spinning Boo Attack: HCT + Y
Ground Leg Attack: QCB + Y or B or A
Energy Bolt: T,A,T + A
3D Attack: R or L + Y

Energy Blast: DP + Y
Electro-Sphere: QCB + B (Air)
Claw Swipe: QCB + Y
Explosive Grip: HCB + Y (Close)
Double Lunge Kick: T,D + B (Air)
Energy Disk: DP + A

Ground Lazer: A,AD,D + A
3D Attack: R or L + B

Diagonal Flame: HCT + Y
Energy Serge: HCB + B
Psy-lift: HCB + Y
Cell Jr. Attack: T,A,T + B
Energy Dart: T,D + Y (Air)
Energy Bolt: T,A,T + A
4 Punch Combo: QCT + Y
3D Attack: R or L + Y
Three Shock Waves: HCB,HCT + Y
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